Controlling Panic Attacks

Millions of people suffer from multiple panic attacks. The main causes of such attacks are: fear, depression, anxiety etc. not many people are aware of the methods of controlling such attacks to live better lives ahead. Seeing someone with panic attack is drastic thing and you will agree that the feelings under such attacks are unexplainable as the dramatic terror and crippling fear take over people under such attacks. If you know someone among those millions of people who has undergone such attacks then you should know that there are methods to control such attacks and help your loved ones in leading a more harmonious life in future.

What are the symptoms?

Panic attacks are generally associated with symptoms which are quite similar as compare to symptoms of heart attack. Fear, depression, phobia are common reasons of it. The most basic symptom of such attack is the lost of feelings. You become unable to feel anything around you and it seems that you have lost control with rest of the world; an impending dread is what accompanies the physical symptoms as well.

If you or your loved ones are having such attack for the first time and you don’t know what to do and how to control it then, you might end up in hospital. But this is not the right treatment for panic attack, as there is nothing doctors can do permanently about such attacks. There are some other better ways of controlling such attacks which are briefly discussed below.

What are the options?

Option One

Obviously, first option for any sort of attack is going to medical practitioner. You can have certain antidepressants for controlling your attack for the time being. But this is not the permanent solution, as the fear will take over you as soon as you stop taking antidepressants. Another negative point about taking such tablets is that taking too many antidepressants can cause you many other side effects.

Option Two

Cognitive-behavior therapy is another solution that you can use for controlling panic attacks. This therapy uses certain breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques to resist the causes of panic attack. This option might not work immediately but on a longer run it can surely help to get rid of such attacks.

Option Three

The best solution for such attacks is to face the fear. This is the best method when it comes to controlling panic attacks. Again this might not work immediately but gradually when you start to face the situations which you fear of then surely on a longer run you will be able to get rid of such attacks completely in future.

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