Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Nocturnal panic attacks are something that is quite different from regular panic attacks. They are also more difficult to recognize then simple panic attack. People often get any sort of idea that they are having nocturnal attacks till someone who knows the symptoms of such attacks told them. They major hurdle in recognition of such attacks is that they are often taken as simple bad dreams. Many people are suffering from these attacks and they are completely oblivious of it. This is simply due to lack of information and knowledge about nocturnal attacks.

One thing to remember is that, these attacks never happens in daytime. They are typical of nighttime. That is why it is such difficult to recognize them. Such imagine some body perfectly alright and confident, after a complete and confidence day go to bed at night, he is quite happy and sure about his/her future ready to face tomorrow. Suddenly while in his/her sleeping, woke up due to some triggering thing in mind with heavy sweating, frightened and breathing hard.  That is what the most fundamental evidence of nocturnal panic attack is. Now one thing to concentrate to is the symptoms of sweating, bad breathe and frightening which are just same as of simple panic attack symptoms of sweating, fear, palpitation and shortness of breath.

These attacks not only resemble their daytime counter parts in their symptoms but also in resemble in their frequency. There is just no reason to explain their happening they just happens as a natural phenomenon and there is noting that you can do about them because they occur at the time when the victim is fast asleep and just can’t recognize them. Remember, never get nocturnal attacks confused with the dreams, they both just can’t go together. It is not possible practically that a person that has undergone nocturnal panic attack, will be able to remember anything he/she was dreaming about. This is due to the treble condition which one goes through that wipes out all of the memory from their mind.

One prime reason that can be given for nocturnal panic attacks is the sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that is caused either due to disorder in brain or due to breathing problem. Now a person suffering from sleep apnea either due to breathing problem or mental disorder is most liable to experience a nocturnal panic attack, as the main causes and symptoms of both diseases are almost quite same.

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  1. Springdale Clinic on July 23, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Nocturnal panic attack occurs without any warning. Regular exercise, healthy diet, and try to reduce some weight by consulting the doctor.


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