Panic Attacks In Children

Panic attacks can take place at any point time and with anyone regardless of the ages. Children are the one who are also having these problems and in children they are termed as the panic attacks in children. What so ever may be the reason but mostly in the children the panic attacks are not noticed and usually it is considered and treated as the normal or childish behavior. No matter what the parents think and believe but in reality children are also the victims of the panic attacks and they also feel the same nervousness and pressure as that of any adult age person.

In the case of children it is always very difficult to know that what is the problem and especially in the case of panic attacks, it has been observed that parents are not willing to agree about it at any cost. Panic attack is simply defined as the state of fear and nervousness in any person. If the heart is beating at a very fast pace or someone is have pain in the chest, in some cases people can also suffer from different stomach problems, chillness, shaking etc. all of these things are the signs and symptoms that a person is under the condition panic attack or is about to have one, similar is the case and condition with the children.

However, in children there are several other symptoms as well, such as at times parents may see the color of the children is getting pale or sometimes the children may also seem to be frozen it is all because of the fear and nervousness which is actually the panic attack. The duration of these sort of panic attacks in the children are usually of about five to ten minutes and somehow the children manages to recover from this condition but in some of the most severe situations the children may not able to bear the pain attacks and that could result in disastrous conditions. It is therefore, highly recommended that the children should not be neglected and their activities should be monitored carefully.

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