What Are Panic Attacks

Panic attacks have been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. Many people still don’t know or aren’t sure as to what they are exactly, so this basic explanation should help clarify it to you.

Panic attacks are sudden episodes of acute anxiety and feelings of terror that can occur at any time. Panic attacks can even happen during sleep, and may even be dangerous if they happen when a person is driving a car.

The person having a panic attack experiences extreme feelings of fear or anxiety for often no reason. Having a panic attack may be due to a certain situation the person finds him or herself in, but they may also be completely unrelated. For the most part panic attacks are unpredictable.

The typical panic attack symptoms are the following: faster heart beat, feelings of dizziness or weakness, tingling sensation or numbness in extremities, sense of terror or death, excessive sweating, chest pains, difficulties with breathing. There are more, and we will discuss them in more detail soon.

Panic attacks generally don’t last long — typically they are over within 30 minutes. They reach their peak in about 10 minutes, but can also last longer. Panic attacks can even last less than a minute. When a person has frequent panic attacks that condition is known as panic disorder. Be sure to browse our website to find out more about panic attacks, how to prevent them and how you can learn to live with panic attacks.

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