What Causes Panic Attacks

Every person experiences panic attack at some point in his/her life. It is something on which we just had no control over. Basically it is just a feeling, felling of depression or fear etc. You had experienced panic attack when your teacher asks you something in lower grade and you just not remember that. You had panic attack when the girl you love so much and always want to talk to, suddenly came right up to you to talk. The causes are just endless, they are simple but you don’t have control over them.

Most of the times, panic attack is a temporary condition and as soon as the situation changes it ends. But there are cases where it may become serious issue; these serious attacks are given the name of anxiety panic attacks. This situation is generally due to some unknown threat or fear. Something of which you are afraid of real or imaginary, the feeling of such attacks is quite different and severe than ordinary attack.

There is nothing you can do about these attacks as these are just the natural reaction of your mind and body when you face some real or perceived threat, danger or things which you are not expecting. They are just the signals of some sort of an impending danger that may lies ahead. Below are the top three causes which may lead to such attacks:

1. Danger

Danger or harm is one of the most basic and primary cause of such attacks. You may feel danger while you are on your way to home at night from lonely path, or you may feel panic when suddenly you hear a voice that calls for you while you are sitting at your home. Danger can be real or it might be perceived. No matter weather real or perceived you will feel an attack of same magnitude in both cases.

2. Depression

Depression is another root cause of panic attack. Being depressed means that you are missing something or someone in your life and that is just not right feeling for you. A depressed person just can not controls his/her feelings and emotions, which provides the basis for panic attacks as your emotions are out of your control so you are most liable to such attacks.

3. Phobia

You may be asked by your boss or teacher to give presentation in public or class about something. Suddenly, it seems that you have no tongue to speak, no heart to breathe, your heart starts beating fast. These all are symptoms that you are having phobia associated with public speaking.

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